Oussama Diab was born from Palestinian parents in Damascus, Syria. He had his education at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Damascus University and lived in Damascus and Beirut. He had a successful career as a painter in the Middle East, developing an versatile artistic idiom in which modern Western art is inspiring him to depict experiences from Middle Eastern and global reality. Increasingly, in his artwork themes like human suffering, resulting from political conflict and exile play a role, but also there is always hope and humor involved in his work.

In September 2015, Oussama Diab fled from the war in Syria. For over a year he lived in refugee centers in Nijmegen, Arnhem and Amsterdam (Netherlands). In autumn 2016 he was granted a residence permit. In summer 2017 family reunion with his wife and son took place. Since 2018 Oussama has been living in Nijmegen (Netherlands).

Oussama Diab